College Counselling

Finding the right fit for college or a vocational school can be daunting even in the best of circumstances, but when you add a learning disability into the mix it can be overwhelming. Zimmerman Educational Consultants works with your child to explore their preferences, abilities, and interests as we examine the many options available that best suit your child.

Linda Zimmerman’s background in educational psychology and vocational rehabilitation gives her a unique understanding of the workforce, and the skills necessary for success. Together with our partners who specialize in working with students with a wide variety of learning disabilities, we provide support at each step along the way of your child’s college application process.

Services provided include:

  • Recommendations on high school courses and activities in preparation for the college admissions process
  • Interest inventories
  • Personality inventories
  • Understanding the types of learning supports available to students in various colleges
  • Explanation of applicable education laws
  • Identifying colleges that are uniquely suited for the student
  • Application and essay assistance
  • Interview rehearsals

Hourly and package services available.

Support Services

My child has been tested. Now what? So often, families are left confused and frustrated after receiving the results of academic testing. But this is only the first step towards ensuring that your child receives the necessary support to succeed in school, and grow into a confident adult. Zimmerman Educational Consultants can help you navigate through the alphabet soup of therapeutic supports and educational laws.

Educational laws are in place to ensure that your child receives a “free and appropriate public education”. But what is appropriate for one child, may not be the right fit for another. ZEC can help you determine what your child needs in order to be successful, and we can be with you along the way to help advocate for your child to receive the best services available.

Services provided:

  • Review and explanation of your child’s records
  • Help parents to understand the nature of their child’s academic and behavioral concerns
  • Explanation of educational laws and your rights
  • Work with parents and schools to develop a child’s IEP/504 plan
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Recommendations for appropriate accommodations and modifications
  • Referrals for treatment, therapy and tutoring
  • Recommendations for alternative educational placements when necessary

Hourly and package services available